bring event visions to life

bring event visions to life

Allseated is the event industry's #1 event planning platform.

Through virtual tour technology and floorplan design tools, we make planning and selling events easy!

Offer Virtual Venue Tours Beyond Expectations

With Allseated VISION, clients feel like they’re at the actual venue, no matter where they are in the world or what device they’re using.

✓ 360 Venue Scanning
✓ Website Widget
✓ Save Templates
✓ Allseated CONNECT
✓ Smart Floorplans
✓ Virtual Walkthroughs

There Is Simply No Better Way To Plan An Event

Allseated OPS is the proven way to keep everyone informed, up to date, and clear on responsibilities throughout planning process.

✓ Design Floorplans To-Scale
✓ 2D/3D Viewing
✓ Seating Charts
✓ Designer Tools
✓ Manage Guest Lists 
✓ Generate Reports


Designing a space like this is very much like designing in a regular ballroom, you're sitting in the space, you have to think about egress, you have to think about crowd flow. This really parallels real life.

David Merrell - CEO & Creative Director, AOO Events

You really feel that you're in an event, rather than you're just watching something on a flat-screen. It's great for networking, and for exhibitions and trade shows.

Chris Peacock - Conference Care

Allseated has managed to create a virtual trade show experience in outstanding 3D quality with avatars, program participation in live streams, and direct exchange between participants.

Nicole Stegmann - Owner Of Locations Messe

Using Allseated VISION+ during the COVID-19 pandemic has given us the opportunity to showcase our event spaces while unable to offer onsite tours - it’s such a valuable tool!

Christopher J. Shimkus - Director of Catering and Events, Boston Park Plaza

We keep thinking about how thankful we are to have invested in Allseated VISION+. Rather than have to worry about how we would continue to try to do business virtually, we were already prepared.

Annie Murray Easterday Co-Owner - Pear Tree Estate

The physical distance tool has been completely invaluable — I can’t imagine what we would be able to do without this tool! We need to make clients feel comfortable and using the distance tool allows us to do that.

Mara Tzizik- Swanson - Presidio Trust

Since we have so many different banquet spaces, the widget on our website gives potential customers the chance to see all that Fox Hills has to offer from the comfort of their homes!

Kellie Szymanski - Director of Sales, Fox Hills Golf & Banquet Center

Using Allseated VISION+ gives us an edge ahead of the competition as clients can virtually tour our spaces and get a true sense of the layouts from home.

Marla K NeelyVice President – Special Events, Foundation For The Carolinas

As a collective, we love using AllSeated OPS! Given that we have so many rooms with so many features, shapes, and sizes, it is great to have a tool to help us change our configurations quickly and easily.

Shirene Lalmahomed - Twickenham

Allseated at last made a tool that the industry has been waiting for a long time. I hope we managed to assist with our input, we loved working with the team.

Leah Hoos - Director of Catering, Mandarin Oriental New York

Allseated has brought true operational efficiency into our office. Our floorplans are designed & scaled, we share them with our brides, and they love the guest list features too.

Feastivities Events & Catering

Allseated is an invaluable tool for our floorplan process. Our customers are impressed with the ease of use and how seamless the communication is between client and planner.

Mazzone Hospitality

Using Allseated guarantees our floorplans are to-scale. When we get to the day of an event, we know for certain where things are supposed to be – clients are happy and the whole experience is positive.

The Plaza - New York

Everyone loves Allseated! What a great tool!

Hilton Pearl River

It was a great pleasure working with the Allseated team from the start! We are impressed with the tools and service.

The Pierre, New York

Allseated is a genius program for caterers and planners. It will change our industry.

NACE National

Allseated has made working with our clients so seamless and stress free! The ability to collaborate in real time to create floorplans and seating charts has not only saved all of us a ton of time but made the process so much more enjoyable!

Robin Selden - Managing Partner & Executive Chef, Marcia Selden Catering

As an industry insider, I couldn't have asked for a better seating experience with Allseated. The software was easy to use and the staff was available around the clock -- every question was met with an answer, every problem with a solution.

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation

My experience with Allseated was GREAT! Their customer service is the best. I was in France, we stayed in constant communication, all hours of the day and night. No question was too small or big, and they even followed up with ME!


We love working with Allseated; they have been so wonderful and made our jobs so much easier.

Savvy Events

As a venue, Allseated makes diagram creation easy, fun, and interactive. We highly recommend this product to any event venue and anyone planning an event!

Apella, Event Space at Alexandria Center

Allseated finally addresses the area of technology that our industry has needed for over a decade.

Gourmet Advisory Services

What I just love about Allseated is the clean and simple designs that make such beautiful and dainty seating charts. It’s a perfect complement to our company’s style!

The New York Wedding Company

The team LOVED Allseated and are very excited to get started. Thanks for sharing the presentation was very detailed. We really enjoyed the application.

JDK Group

Allseated has made planning events so much easier! I cannot imagine going back to PDF files nor can I imagine what it was like before we were able to collaborate in real time with our clients. We adore the 3D tools and being able to see our floor plans come to life is a game changer for our clients.

Warren Dietel - Owner & President, Puff N Stuff Catering & Events

We really love the team, we worked with Sandy and Daniel right from the start and they have been really amazing.

Pier Sixty

Loved working with them. Allseated is a wonderful tool that the market is ready for!

Conrad Hotel New York Downtown

Allseated has been a great tool for us. Extremely helpful staff and a technology that others are charging huge amounts for. Great program!

Caleb Crafts - President, Culinary Crafts

Allseated is an essential sales tool for the catering industry and very user friendly. I went on the website and within a few moments started getting a floorplan going without needing any support.

Abigael's Group

The Allseated program has got to be the best new invention for our industry in the last decade. Our hotel employed the program over one month ago and the returns are incredible. My sales planners now do their diagrams in minutes versus hours.

Metalaye Enterprises, Inc.

Allseated has immediately become a fixture in The Hearty Boys planning of events. It has dramatically cut down the time we spend on floorplans & cursing.

The Hearty Boys

As an event planner, I am often challenged with creating custom environments for events of all shapes and sizes in some extraordinary spaces. Allseated provides a one-stop solution for floor planning, seating and aggregation of guest information--and I particularly enjoy the easy-to-use functionality, the ability to streamline communications with the venue and my clients, and the customer service is fantastic!

Chandelier Events

I love using Allseated. It is a seamless way to communicate with clients and vendors and make changes quickly. The tool is easy to use and I much prefer to use Allseated over any other floor plan program.

Encore Catering

Clients can’t believe the interaction capabilities especially when it comes to guest seating. On top of that, the team support you receive from the programmers is top-notch. They had us running in 48 hours!

Clarion Inn and Conference Center

We just signed up with Allseated and are so excited to use the program! Compared to other programs, it is very user friendly and allows us to keep an easily accessible library of event layouts. We can’t wait to share it with our clients and venues.

A Thyme to Cook

Allseated has changed the game as I can make up a floorplan (within minutes!) and get the client involved. My clients get excited, instead of nervous about the planning aspect of the event.

Classic Car Club Manhattan

Allseated has helped streamline the seating chart/arrangement process in event planning. This has been a much needed tool in the event industry. Plus the staff is amazing to work with, so why not?

One Events Management

Allseated makes our jobs so much easier! The floorplans are so easy to create with all of the different furniture options. My clients love that they can sign on to the program and work on their tables. Thank you for setting us up with a great program!

Westminster Hotel

Not only has your site helped me and my brides with floorplan and event layout, Allseated has provided me with the most excellent customer service!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this website, and can't wait to use it more!!

Events to Remember

Allseated has added value to both our client experience and vendor partnerships with it's simplicity, intuitive functionality and quality deliverable's - just what we want to make our collaboration seamless.

Lavender Joy Weddings


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